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Saturday, October 9, 2010

whilst exercise has never been the bane of my existence, neither have I ever truly loved it. until now. I think this has little to do with the actual exercise and much to do with my new gym membership.

Dear 24/7 Gym:
You are becoming such an important part of my life. I long to visit your soothing green walls and black trim. I relish the idea of your fancy equipment where I can watch the Buckeyes' game on my own individual screen AND listen to my ipod while working out.   Most importantly, dear Gym, you are never busy when I am there. This is probably because I go at hours that no other people actually desire to exercise during. But the result is that you are quiet. So quiet. Except for the hip-hop that I can listen to at blasting volumes through my private headphones. Most importantly, there are no children there. No one under 16 is even permitted in the gym. No one is saying, "mama, mama, mama. mama. mama. mama." No one is tattling. There are sometimes grunting men, but I can drown them out with my hip-hop. Yep, you and I are going to have a long and fruitful relationship.
I may love you,

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