embarrassing displays of emotion

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

yesterday, I was with Mr. B waiting for his therapist at the center where we go. It's also a health clinic, a prenatal clinic, and the location of the foster care nurse and health unit. While we were just waiting, and I was thinking over how difficult he was being lately, how I was contributing to that, and how I just need to have some more tenderness and patience with him because he is just a hurt and traumatized little boy, another foster mom came in. I don't know her. The only reason I knew was because our beloved foster care nurse went over to greet her and the baby (well, he was probably 2).

The baby was crying and crying, and I was suddenly just overwhelmed. This poor child was clearly traumatized and distraught, and the cry was just this one of heart-breaking sadness. I hear the foster mom say, "He's missing his mommy"  I thought I might break down into an ugly cry right there in the waiting room. Fortunately, I had Mr. B on my lap and he wasn't noticing anything around him, so he neither saw this child nor my distress. What pain our kids are going through. How sad this must make God. My heart is broken today for these children, these families, the brokenness of this world. I am resolved to continue to follow God's voice in ushering His kingdom in here on earth, and I long for the day when all will be restored.

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