Sunday, June 27, 2010

at this point, I'm just uncertain about how much to write down and how much to share. I want a record of how this process took place, of what we dealt with and went through, but I also want to be mindful of privacy for the case. I want to protect the children. I want to protect their mother, frankly. Since the mom is back in the picture somewhat for the case, things have gotten a little more complicated. I want the very best for these children, but I also have this very strong desire to protect them. What has happened to this family is just so sad, so devastating. The trauma that the kids have endured is unbelievable to me sometimes, but I just can't help but feel an overwhelming grief for the demise of this family. Sometimes people say to me how lucky they are to be in our home.  I just have a hard time seeing that right now. What about what has happened to them is lucky? Do people not get that they are in our home because they have been devastated by traumatic events and situations. That there is a family involved here that will probably never be healthy and whole and together again. So, so unbelievably sad. How God must grieve over the pain His children - both the actual children AND the parents - are experiencing.

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