Case Progression

Friday, May 28, 2010

We went to our first team meeting a couple days ago. It was very interesting. Almost every person involved with the case was there - foster parents, therapists, nurses, Help Me Grow worker, CASA worker, case worker, and the grandma who is interested in keeping them. Everyone was very frank on how the kids were doing, and what their feelings were on their placements. While most of them aren't really professionally free to 'recommend' where the children should stay or move to, they were all very frank on how pleased they were with the current placements and how well the kids are all doing.

It's difficult for me because Mr. B and Baby R are definitely not our children. But in very real ways, we are their parents. I don't know what the future will bring for our family, but for right now, they are part of our family. That feels very right and very scary all at one time. If I didn't feel like they are part of our family, it would be far easier to let them go someday should that be what is required of us. Continual patience, grace and strength are my never-ending prayers right now.

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