a bit of grace

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Almost two weeks ago, MIss O came to live with us. We know she's not with us permanently, and frankly, I hope she's not with us for long because her mama is very capable of caring for her. She's just caught in a system that really doesn't want her at all, but government moves so slowly.

However, I feel like she's a tiny bit of grace in my life right now. She's so easy to care for and such a good baby. She has inspired me to remember what we can do in this system. I feel ready for something harder, something more emotionally involving, something with the possibility of permanence. While I wait though, I can enjoy her smiles and kisses. I am still praying for her reunification with her family, not only for her sake, but for our family's as well. Ben is completely infatuated with her, and I have concerns for how attached he is to this particular baby. I want him to attach and to love MIss O. But I know what's coming, and it will be painful for him. I don't want my children to hurt, but I am immensely proud as a mother to see their compassion and caring hearts towards others. They are learning at a very young age what it's like to love like Jesus does. That's what I've prayed for and will continue to pray for in their little lives.

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