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Thursday, July 16, 2009

We are told by our case worker that we likely only have two or three more weeks with our kids. Their aunt has petitioned for custody, and children's services doesn't seem to have any objections. I find myself feeling a little panicky about them leaving. Sure, it's inconvenient to foster and there are eight thousand appointments you have to take them to (thus some of the reason for the lack of blog updates), and I know that it will be way better for them to be with family....but we are attached! I like the challenge of making progress with Miss R, and Mr. R is just so charming and lovey. I'll miss them for sure. All of that said - we're not holding our breath b/c the case has not been excessively speedy so far. At least they'll be here for VBS next week, and hopefully to finish out the next two weeks of swim lessons.

In other news, there's only a month and a half until Katie's wedding! Yay weddings! I still don't have all of my outfit ready, and Maggie and Ben don't have outfits yet either. One thing convenient about men being in weddings is that their outfit is completely taken care of, so we don't have to worry about Wendell. Any leads on little girl dresses? In gold or brown?

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