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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Apparently ALL of June is a bad month for me. In between adjusting to the new additions, trying not to kill my own children, and all the appointments we have, it's just so busy all the time. I dislike being this busy and am now really looking forward to school because then two of them will be gone at least some of the time. It'll build a little more structure into our days, I think.

Our experience thus far has not been anything to really brag about. It seems like every week there's another court date where the kids might go home. Then court keeps getting postponed. And the dad is mad at the children's services. And we are mad at Children's Services. Lots of anger going around.

Part of the problem is that we switched case workers, and we have not clicked with this new case worker. She doesn't really contact us in a timely fashion (or at all in some instances). When we met her, we felt like she was disrespectful to us and she just doesn't seem to care very much about the children. In some respects this is good because it makes us just that much more invested in these kids. If no one is going to care about them, then I guess that job is up to us!

So, right now, we're still in a holding pattern. The kids still might go home in a couple weeks (whenever court is scheduled again). If they don't go home at that court date, we expect them to be with us long-term since the mom will likely be serving 8 months or so, and the dad will have to do 3-4 months of his own case plan. They have settled in pretty well at this point. All the kids are pretty attached to each other. That part of it makes me feel unsettled because the more they attach, the harder it will be when they go home. I know it's healthy for them to develop strong attachments, but because I know the pain that is coming, it hurts to see them so close to Ben and Maggie and to Wendell and me.

I think I'll try to start blogging more again and just build this little bit of respite into my life... Wendell is probably tired of hearing me process through all of my feelings (and boy are there a LOT of them right now). :)

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