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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

we're just waiting to be certified now...

Our case worker will come out one more time to give us our ID badges and get us started with our training schedule since we have to take 20 hours of training a year. Then we'll just wait for the first call! I'm so excited and nervous and scared and just very, very relieved! Our case worker estimates 2-3 weeks for the certification to go through.

We did find out that our crib wasn't up to safety standards like we thought. So now we have to buy a new crib. They are expensive!! Now that most cribs are convertible into different types of beds, people aren't getting rid of them either. I looked on Craig's List last night, and there was nothing in our area at all.

Today I feel very good about everything since we're done with everything we need to do. Also, we're going to plant the rest of the baby trees (hopefully) today. We did 1100 over the weekend, but the remaining 300 need to be planted by hand. I'm praying that it will go quickly. Maybe the cold and the extra rain made the ground a little better for hand planting. It was really easy when we spot-planted in between existing trees, but when we hand plant in the plowed ground, it's a little more difficult. I love planting trees. So, so, so much. It's my favorite part of tree-farming. Wish I enjoyed the other parts this much...


Thursday, April 2, 2009

After our individual meetings with the case worker this week, I am so very thankful for how this process has gone. It's been slow at times, but I am grateful for small blessings along the way. The biggest one for me this week was that our case worker has gone through the same thyroid problems that I have. This is a true blessing because she really understood me and what I had been through. Not only that, but what we had been through as a family. I just so appreciated her perspective and understanding of that given that most people do not understand how much of your physical, emotional, and mental health is affected by a thyroid problem.

This individual meeting, we mainly just discussed things that she wanted further clarification on in regards to my life story questions that we filled out as part of the application process. The life story part of the application is SO involved, and it took forever to fill out. I'm grateful we spent as much time with it as we did though, since there wasn't a whole lot that we needed to discuss further in our interviews. We talked mostly about my strengths as an individual, our strengths as a family, and how we deal with grief, loss, difficult situations, trauma, etc. She did ask if there were things we thought we couldn't handle in a foster placement. That was difficult for me because I honestly don't know! I mean I know how much medical trauma and involvement I feel that we are prepared for, but the emotional stuff, I have no idea about. Maybe I can't handle a child who has difficulty attaching to maternal figures, but there's no way for me to know that at this point. I think I just need to rest in the fact that God has called us to this journey at this particular point in I trust that He will give us the strength and resources to make it through whatever is ahead.
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