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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thursday is our first meeting with our home study case worker. Which means we are finally almost done with all this. I am ready.

Random thoughts this morning:
  • If you live in our area and you haven't come to eat at the church on Monday nights, you should. It's a lot of fun. While everyone is down in the dumps about the economy, government, etc...I have never been more excited about being the church. Not to completely brag on the church we belong to, but if wherever you are feels a little less than exciting, come to visit Huber, and see what the people of God are doing in this small area of Ohio. It is inspiring. (Now that I think about it, maybe I can post a slide show of some of our activities; I'll have to research that a little)
  • If you're friends with my cousin Jeanne on facebook, I recommend you read her note posted today. It's worth your time. I'll see if she'll give me permission to post it...
  • A close friend of ours begins chemo tomorrow for ovarian cancer. My heart is hopeful for her recovery and heavy for her family. Her son is nine months older than Ben, and knowing how difficult my thyroid problems have been for Ben, I know that this eight-year-old probably has some hard times with his mama ahead.
  • Wendell's home community lost a firefighter yesterday and a few more were injured. While I am sad for the families' and community's loss, I am overwhelmingly grateful that it doesn't really cause me to live in fear of Wendell doing his job. I could live that way (especially when we are touched by these types of tragedies), and when he began, I thought that maybe I would be a lot more fearful, but I think there is something about knowing that he is called to this job that makes me rest a little easier.

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