finally! a case worker

Friday, March 13, 2009

We finally have a caseworker assigned to complete our home study. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks, we'll be working on that. We also found out about some more paperwork that we have to send in -new requirements by the state. Of course, I asked about this paperwork quite awhile ago since we know people being licensed in another county that had to do it. We were told we didn't need it, but Clark County is apparently just a little behind.... Not that it's hard stuff to do; I was just amused because she explicitly told me we didn't need it.

Now's the time for us (and you, if you are willing) to be in prayer regarding our home study. I am praying that we click with our case worker, that things go quickly and smoothly, that God gives us and our case worker wisdom on how to fill out our file so that we are set-up to receive the kids that will fit best in our family.

In other news, I made a foster-parent friend this week - a lady my dad works with. I am excited to know someone else who is committed to this ministry and who has experience with the system. A lot of the things that she's gone through won't be as applicable to us because we will be accepting different types of placements, but nevertheless, the support is invaluable. We're excited, but still cautiously because until this home study is done, nothing can really happen. Government is SO SLOW!

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